The wee signs of dogs
  • The wee signs of dogs
  • The wee signs of dogs

The wee signs of dogs

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The charming and characteristic presentation skills of Turid Rugaas have been enriched with images on file from filming done worldwide by our team.

Turid Rugaas reads dogs, providing the key to interpret their language and she encourages us to adapt to theirs to avoid problems and get on better together.

“When you watch wolves on a bison hunt you see the small signals that they are giving each other. They are so small that you would not think it was possible to catch them, but they do... and they know exactly what to do. One of the biggest mistakes we people make is to use these “huge neon letters” when we are talking to dogs... we have to learn to get down to the “talking level of dogs” and talk to them in such a way that they can understand us without getting stressed because we overdo things so much.”

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