Haqihana is a 18 years old full Italian company and has been committed for years, with various product lines ranging from publishing to the production of accessories, to promote gentle training methods so that the dog can accompany us in the best possible way even in our urbanized society.

  • Publishing: we offer to privates, dog trainers and behavioral vets a rich catalog of titles in Italian version by authors such as Turid Rugaas, Ray Coppinger, Marc Bekoff, Martin Fischer and other internationally renowned opinion leaders.
  • Accessories: a continuous process of research and development allows us to produce what is recognized by the widest part of the specialized world of dog lovers as one of the best harnesses for our four-legged friends.
  • Events: in continuous collaboration with educators and researchers, we organize or support through our sponsorship and collaboration conferences, seminars and dog courses at national and international stage. 
  • Video: starting from 2006 the cultural offer of our publishing company is involved in the production of educational and informative videos on dog behavior. What was initially offered only in DVD format, due to  the importance and continuous relevance of the topics, will soon be offered also through multimedia platforms.

Our activities, apparently distant, but synergistic with each other, are aimed at spreading the idea of the dog as a companion to man, today as it was in the past.