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Nosework II


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Nosework is the only activity that allows the dog to live his instincts and use his natural abilities in such an enjoyable way for both himself and his human companion; this helps the dog to find balance and self-confidence and to develop a relationship of serene cooperation with his owner who will discover a new understanding of his dog and of its singular capabilities.

“The dogs that I trained in Angola were capable of finding anti-man mines that had been buried 20 cm underground 10 years earlier. A South African colleague told me about a dog who had signalled the presence of a mine at a distance of 30 metres. Why then are we surprised about Rambo’s excitement when the female who lives 4 kilometres away is in heat?”

There are many different ways to utilize a dog’s sense of smell but they are all based on the fantastic ability that they have to recognize a certain smell and distinguish it from all the rest.

All the activities are explained in a clear and thorough manner and can be taught to our dogs as a motivating and fun game or be used as a starting point for “professional” training as in Dog Units for search and rescue or for the police.

I this DVD we’ll see some scent discrimination games in which the dog must detect and signal the presence of a specific scent (for example a particular substance), or recognise an object that belongs to a particular person (for example its owner) amongst other similar objects.


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