Complete series DVD KIT: Nosework
  • Complete series DVD KIT: Nosework

Complete series DVD KIT: Nosework

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The complete collection of three DVDs dedicated to Nosework.

The series includes:

  • Search Games (DVD oscar winner 2013)
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Tracking

There are many different ways to utilize a dog’s sense of smell but they are all based on the fantastic ability that they have to recognize a certain smell and distinguish it from all the rest.

All the activities are explained in a clear and thorough manner and can be taught to our dogs as a motivating and fun game or be used as a starting point for “professional” training as in Dog Units for search and rescue or for the police.

In this DVD we will see various games in which the dog must look for and fetch objects or food according to different methods: freely searching in its surroundings, controlled searching in a specific area and backtracking.

I this DVD we’ll see some scent discrimination games in which the dog must detect and signal the presence of a specific scent (for example a particular substance), or recognise an object that belongs to a particular person (for example its owner) amongst other similar objects.

In this DVD we will see tracking in detail, activities in which the dog must find and follow the scent of a certain person or animal (for example someone who is lost in the woods), ignoring all possible distractions in its surroundings and other scent trails that could disturb or interfere with the main one.

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