Harness Fall limited edition 2023
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  • Harness Fall limited edition 2023
  • Harness Fall limited edition 2023
  • Harness Fall limited edition 2023
  • Harness Fall limited edition 2023

Harness Fall limited edition 2023

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Exclusive limited edition Haqihana Thanskgiving 2023, born from the union of Yellow, Carrot, Orange, Rosso, Green and Chocolate

Pre-order it now and receive it starting from mid-November!

"There’s always something to be thankful for” ✨ And we are grateful for the moments with our furry friends ❣️

Autumn is in its full glory, and we know how much you love walks among the golden leaves with your four-legged friends!

That's why we are thrilled to announce the new limited edition dedicated to autumn and Thanksgiving 🍂🥧

Its warm and cozy shades will perfectly match the colors of autumn and make your furry friend shine during park strolls or your outdoor adventures 🍁🍂"

Easy to wear, comfortable and elegant: that’s the Haqihana harness since 2003.

The quality of all components, all produced in Europe, combines our most important requisites: non toxicity, hypoallergenic, sustainability, toughness and durability.

These features allow us to give to the product a five-year guarantee.

The artisanal manufacturing, with extreme attention given to all details, is carried out entirely in our Italian inhouse workshop by our specialized artisans.

The fittings, the relative sizing of the parts and their positioning on the dog’s body are designed to ensure maximum comfort in any situation.

When the dog tugs, pulls or needs to be held back, the pressure applied by the leash is directed exclusively on the sternum, then on the chest and finally on the skeleton. This distribution avoids any pain, any sense of constriction, any rubbing or tension on the skin, any restriction of movement or any other discomfort.

The two connection buckles and their positioning allow for a quick and easy fitting and removal of the harness, without hassle for both dog and owner.

It is available in four long sizes also (XXSL-XSL-SL-ML) with longer straps on back and abdomen, expressly designed for deep-chested dogs.

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Come regolare la pettorina / The perfect fitting

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