A boat trip with Turid Rugaas
  • A boat trip with Turid Rugaas
  • A boat trip with Turid Rugaas

A boat trip with Turid Rugaas

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Una "illuminante" gita in barca con Turid è stata preziosa occasione per raccontarci la passione di una vita.

Curiosity is the essence of everything, in people and dogs.
Curiosity brought me to observe.
There was no interest (from anyone), no interest whatsoever.
It took many years for some people to be able to admit that they had learned something different. (Turid Rugaas)

I first ran across Turid at a conference in Canada.
I said: "Turid, you should write a book about this”.
"I think you have a special gift, you could share it by writing about it!” (Terry Ryan)

She was... a person you remember!
I knew a lot about dogs, but (with Turid Rugaas) there was even more to learn. (Anne Lill Kvam)

She really opened my eyes.
I started to measure dog's pulse […] the results confirm what Turid has said. (Agnes Vaelidalo)

Turid changed my life and our dog's life totally (Raili Halme)

She's international, known everywhere.
She's tireless. She brings people together… (Winkie Spiers)

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